July 6, 2021

Making Cheese

Last week some friends, the Carden family, held a cheese-making demonstration.  It was a very fun and informative afternoon.  Hopefully, we will enjoy our very own fresh, home-made mozzarella cheese someday in the near future!
When the cheese was completed, we had bruschetta sandwiches- baguette slices with tomato, olive oil, seasoning, and fresh mozzarella.  {absolutely scrumptious!}

Jonas did a wonderful job demonstrating and explaining the cheese making process.


learning; cheesemaking; friends

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An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. those sandwiches…maybe it wasn't even KIND to post a picture of such scrumptious-looking sandwiches.


  2. Hello .We are friends of the Mayo family here in Wisconsin, and just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your Christian blog.

    We have a question for you.
    In the picture with Elizabeth & Rebecca playing dolls with their 2nd cousin, Loribeth, what kind of dolls were they playing with? Where did you find them?

    Hope to meet your family some time!

  3. It probably isn't nice of me to tell you we had more bruschetta the next day ;). Now I'll have to get Jonas to make more.

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