April 28, 2014
We spent one week of March and almost three weeks of April at home.  It was a colorful time- full of birthday parties, work on the farm and in the community, school for the kiddos, music lessons and practice, church events, family meals around our big table, unpacking and packing, catching up on mail and work in the home offices, and hosting many lovely friends.  We didn’t get photos of nearly everything, but here are a few that were snapped amidst the chaos:
Rebecca, the dishwasher loader and un-loader lady! 
The table being set for a big group of company.
Elizabeth working in the kitchen.
Rebecca putting away dishes, with a smile!
Me and Elizabeth during a violin lesson.
the kitchen “photo wall” by Chelsy in progress……..
……………..and finished!
 A big ole’ Civil War puzzle was completed (by the family members who enjoy those big puzzles where you sit for ten minutes and finally put in one piece!;).
fresh bread
We enjoyed dinner with the Southern Gospel group, the Inspirations, and family of the group’s bass singers, John Epley.  We loved hearing John sing around the dinner table with his sister, Charity (our pastor’s wife), and their parents.
The joint concert with our family and the Inspirations was a blast!  We had such a wonderful evening enjoying music, encouragement, laughter, and fellowship.
These guys are great!  If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it!  They are so genuine and humble, and just love Jesus and people. 
And then came birthday parties!
We celebrated Joshua turning 17.  This guy is an amazing man!  He loves Jesus with his whole heart, and is really passionate about memorizing Scripture.  Josh is a true gentleman- he treats ladies with such respect and kindness, and is always going out of his way to serve and bless his mother and sisters. 
These guys look up to Josh alot and absolutely love any chance to spend time with him.  They have some wild, crazy, FUN times together.
Someone decided we should see how the “big guys height race” is coming.  Dad is decidedly losing.:)  It is actually very close right now, with about 1/2″-1″ between each, but Mitchell is still in the lead, with Josh just barely ahead of Carson for second place.
Looking good in new sunglasses!
Liz and Hudson
We celebrated Dad’s 47th birthday.
This is truly the best father in the world.  I am blessed to have the opportunity work with my father in ministry and work for him in his business.  He is a man of vision (lots!), love for the Lord, and a heart for people.  These are some things I admire in him most, for he is always dreaming big, seeking God, and using his time and resources to serve people.  
We loved Troy’s annual visit.  One day he worked with Denver on fixing a door.
pretty in pink aprons:)
Troy is like a big brother to all of us, and Rebecca loved games and story time with him.
Huds enjoys a quiet moment reading on the couch.
Do you think Taylor looks a little different here?  Well……he had a collision during a cousin football game, and he happened to be the smaller cousin in that meeting.  He was afraid his nose was broken, but it turned out to be badly bruised.  We thought his new look was pretty cute.:)
changing violin strings
Gideon and me working at my desk.  (and for those who may be wondering- Gideon and the other adorable kiddos whose photos you see in this post are friends of ours who were at our house for several days in April.  We were thrilled to take care of them for awhile while their mother was in labor.)
Rebecca reading to herself.
I had lots of help with serving dessert.:)  These little ladies are the best!
Brownie-Bottom Vanilla Cheesecake with Cherry Topping and Cream
family dinner time
One evening we sang hymns around the piano.
Gideon enjoying the music.
A competitive basketball game with Troy……….
…..and a not-so-competitive one with Gideon!  Gideon needs a little help with his dunking at this point.:)
Taylor, Silas, and Hudson playing a game.
fresh cornbread
Chels at work in the kitchen.
Spring is here, and along with it comes planting season!
“Thou wilt show me the path of life: in Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
Psalms 16:11
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  1. Always enjoy reading your blog. We've been reading it for years and I just now see we have a connection. One of our friends is the tenor singer for the Inspirations. I didn't realize that you guys had done a singing together. He and all his family have been members at our church now for a couple years and we have enjoyed getting to know them. How funny!!! I talk to his wife and mom-n-law just about every day on facebook or at church so I'll have to tease them and tell them they were holding out on us. We've been reading your blog for years but never had the chance to hear you guys in person. One day hopefully!!! Also that photo wall is incredible, we did something like that once and it took quite awhile to get it done. I enjoyed it though, yours looks very nice!!! Blessings to your family Missy Parris

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