August 10, 2017
Meet Carson Wayne, the fourth-born in our family. He is twenty-one years old and the most exciting thing is his life currently is the fact that he will have a wife in twenty-three days! =) He is pretty thrilled about that upcoming development, and is busy as can be wrapping up details for establishing his own household!

Carson quit touring with the family band in the spring of 2016, to follow God’s call on his life in a number of other pursuits. That same year he started his own mechanic business, Carson’s Enterprises, which he runs in one of the shops on our farm. He is working to grow that business while continuing to be employed on the family farm as well. His farm work includes managing our two hog barns and servicing the farm equipment. Every fall, Carson also does custom manure hauling for various hog farms in Iowa, as a part of a business he co-owns with Mitchell and our father. Carson has a passion for challenging others to live responsibly with their finances, and he enjoyed taking a group of men through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Seminar last summer. Also in summer 2016, he was able to do a three-week internship with a mechanic in Arkansas. Carson purchased his own truck (a GMC Duramax) the beginning of this summer and is enjoying the rewards of saving and waiting for the right vehicle! He continues to love hunting and has provided our family with lots of venison over the recent years. His fiancé Carolina loves hunting as well, and a number of their dates have included hunting, target shooting, or shopping together at Scheels. Carson is Mr. Practical—he loves working hard, saving money, and living a no-frills lifestyle. (his favorite outfit would be boots, jeans, and a plaid button down!) His hands are almost always stained with oil or grease from working on equipment so much, and he is extremely gifted in fixing almost anything. Carson is also very passionate about sharing the Gospel and using the farm as a platform for ministry. He has handed out tracts and shared the Gospel with many a milk truck driver and feed delivery man.

Carson will continue working on the farm and running his mechanic business, after he is married, and will live just up the road from us, in a new house (that my parents are building) which is almost completed!


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  1. I hope you post lots of pictures of the house! How exciting! I love how industrious everyone is that they have their own businesses and work hard and still enjoy family

  2. Glad to hear that Carson is into the Dave Ramsey financial stuff,that will really help you through life financially, also good choice on trucks Carson the duramaxs aren't too bad a truck dodge Cummins is my favourite,but duramax would come a close second ,also good to hear your a continual witness for jesus,keep it up brother,and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

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