July 6, 2021

Meet Joshua!


Meet Joshua Maxwell, the fifth-born in our family! He is twenty years old and the most exciting thing in his life currently is the fact that he will have a wife in sixteen days! =) He is greatly enjoying being home from summer tour, because this means he can spend lots of time now with his beautiful fiancé’ Cassidy AND prepare for his upcoming wedding. 

Josh has had a full life lately! He worked construction last summer, was employed on the farm this past year, continued touring with our family throughout, started a relationship with Cassidy last fall, and just completed his studies for a bachelors degree in communications through Thomas Edision State University, after 16 months of diligent study. As Denver likes to say, “Josh didn’t stay a bachelor for long!” as he proposed to Cass just two days after finishing college. =)

This spring, Josh took over Mitchell’s position with our music, and he has done an amazing job as our new stage manager and practice coordinator. His main instruments are the dobro + lead guitar, although he can play about anything on stage. He loves people and deep conversations and can often be found either chatting or praying with people during the hour following our concerts. He continues to love music and books more than about anything else, and reads a new list of titles every month, consisting of everything from politics to finances to marketing to marriage. 
His most recent purchase is his new (for him) car, a 2005 Toyota Camry. 
Josh is the classic dresser of the Bontrager men, and during the recent packing up and sorting out of their clothing, it was discovered that he also has, by far, the largest wardrobe out of all of the men in the family. It seems fitting that the master bedroom in his new house has two walk-in closets. =)

After he is married, Joshua will be renting a house about a mile from us and will continue to be employed on the family farm/music. Josh and Cass have decided to continue with the family band after they are married. They will have separate living quarters to travel in but will be a integral part of our concerts. Josh hopes to go into politics someday but currently is loving his work as farmer + musician!


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