July 6, 2021

Meet Taylor!


Meet Lincoln Taylor, the seventh-born in the Bontrager Family! Taylor is fifteen years old and is the thoughtful, serious, quiet young man of the family. People often ask why he is called by his middle name instead of his first? Answer: mom liked the flow of “Lincoln Taylor” but wanted to call him “Taylor” most. Hence: his middle name is what he goes by.
One of Taylor’s most obvious accomplishments from the past year has been his increasing height. He has almost set the record for the Bontrager that has grown the most in 2017, and he’s not done yet! He might end up as the tallest of the boys! Of all the sons in the family, Taylor probably has the most farming in his blood, and he LOVES our dairy! With the recent marriage of his three eldest brothers and the shifting of some of the responsibilities, Taylor got the label “herd/dairy manager” and he was beyond excited about that. He loves making decisions and planning/organizing different things on the farm, and he is becoming very knowledgable in these areas as well. He knows all of our cows by number and scores. Taylor also took over calf registration when Mitchell moved out. 
Taylor’s passion for the past six years has been the National Bible Bee. However, after his win last year of the senior division, he was ineligible to compete again, so this year he has taken a much slower paced involvement. He is coaching Hudson + Rebecca and also plans to volunteer at the National Competition in November. Taylor loves time in the outdoors, and sports, hunting, and camping are a few of his favorites! He has gotten two deer in previous years and is hoping for another one during shotgun season! Most of Taylor’s spare time these days can be found practicing new licks and runs on the banjo. (He LOVES music!) The banjo player shoes were big ones to fill when Mitchell quit the band this spring, but Taylor has practiced incessantly and all that hard work from the past few years of faithful practice has paid off! He still plays bass on about half of our songs, and has added banjo on the other half. He is also the only Bontrager currently in high school. He stays pretty busy with all that!
Most of all, Taylor is a dedicated soul-winner and tells people about Jesus everywhere He goes. He is a great inspiration to the rest of us to share the JOY of Christ with a lost and dying world! His big heart and faithfulness in the small things add so much to our home, and we are sure thankful that God gave us a Taylor!


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Thank you for this post. It was encouraging to see how much of a impact we "youngins" can have even at our age.
    Taylors life has already been a blessing to so many!
    Keep pressing on!

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