Our annual Memorial Day Weekend celebration with my mother’s old friends/our adopted aunts, started out with a grand cookout at our campsite.
brother huddles
the amazing team that grilled our dinner
the woods are so beautiful this time of year!
we took a picture to text to Mitchell.
our lovely friends “from the east”, with mom and the littles
the many expressions of Taylor…
so much yummy food! hamburgers, broccoli salad, grilled asparagas..
roasting tin foil bananas with nutella, peanut butter, and pecans
smiles while enjoying dessert!
photo bomb!
Denver lifting up his voice in some random proclamation.
this stuff is sooo yummy!
stealing a kiss!
I love how this photo looks like Taylor is trying to blow out the fire. =) Not sure what he was doing??
four-wheeler rides!
playing “take-one”
french manicures by Allison….
…and fun hairstyles!
cheesecake for dessert on Sunday
ready, set…
Settlers of Catan
the friends!
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company, family

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  1. Looks like fun 🙂 Yay for outdoor family adventures, memories, Allison's ah-mazing cheesecake, and Hudson's epic BB shirt. And nutella. Can't forget nutella. 😉 Miss you guys!

  2. Chelsy and Allison,
    Sounds like so much fun! Thank you for sharing with us!
    Haha, our family LOVES to play Settlers of Catan as well! We play almost everyday! We figured out how to play it about a few months ago and we love it! I couldn't believe that another family knows how to play this as well! 🙂

  3. Oh, Bontragers. this looks like a WON-derful time!
    Just a few mental notes I took "along the post"… 😉
    – the roasted banana- PB-nutella-pecan dessert sounds fan.tastic.
    – Alli, I just gotta say it: you are amazing.
    french manicures, hair styles, AND cheescake?! methinks a visit to your home/spa is in order. 😉
    -lastly, on a very-rather-quite-shallow-note, Alli, your blouse + necklace worn while fixing the cheesecake: in a word, ADORABLE. for real, you and Chels always look so beautiful.

    hugs to all!
    ali turner

  4. So neat! those ladies look like fun. by the way, I loved your singing today. was so wonderful to see you guys, and can't wait till Monday! 😉

  5. Hey Bontragers,
    It's neat that the brother's huddle and talk. How does Taylor come up with all of his faces he makes? That's so sweet seeing Elizabeth and Rebecca on Ms.Becky's lap. Hallmark moment. Allison great photo bombing. The pictures of Allison and Hudson are so sweet. Great hair styles Allison. The cheesecake looks so yummy! Sounds like you all had a great Memorial Day. How's Mitchelle doing with assting the Pastor? I might be coming to ur concet on Sep 30th!
    In Christ,

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