January 16, 2019
A collection of sweet memories and special moments

Early in December, some of the family traveled down to Texas for the Bible Bee. It was a highlight of our year! So happy for Hudson who placed fifth place finals!
Elizabeth,Hudson and Rebecca’s Junior oral group at Bible Bee. What a party!
Darling little Jubilee
O what fun!!!
Rebecca having fun with the charming little Wallace

An in-house volcano 
Three for the price of one: sibling time, fun, and science!


For Elizabeth’s birthday party we celebrated with gifts, games and a delicious meal of salad, chicken tortilla soup, brownies and peanut butter ice-cream.
Is there even a way to express how adorable this is?
 A special Christmas Eve dinner with those still at home. We had seafood enchiladas, rice, tortilla chips, coleslaw, brussel sprouts, and gelato for dessert. After supper, we enjoyed watching a movie together as a family.
The Christmas candlelight service at our church was both inspiring and beautiful.
Allison and Rebecca make a wonderful kitchen team. On this particular morning during our 3 day getaway, they worked their wonders and provided us with a delicious meal: potatoes, eggs and fruit.    
During our getaway, Hudson and Taylor enjoyed an intense game of Stratego.
What more do you need when you have a blanket and a good book?
Allison is our faithful pie maker. For Christmas, she made five delicious  pies. 
On Christmas day we had a large group of friends over to join us in eating yummy food, taking long walks, singing Christmas carols, and playing games.
A special time of bonding while doing cross-stitch with Grandma

Twas the day before leaving on the winter tour….
And we celebrated by making donuts and enjoying a candlelight breakfast for dinner!
We spent a relaxing New Years Eve at John and Chelsy’s. Our time was spent playing games, enjoying good conversations, and eating yummy food. 
The heavens declare the glory of God..”

As I was reflecting on the month of December, I saw God’s goodness in allowing our family the opportunity to make so many wonderful memories together. Let us never take these special moments for granted, because tomorrow everything could look drastically different. Life is so short. We are never promised another year, day, or even one more breath. Are we choosing to make the most of every moment that we have with the lives that God has placed in our path?
           Have a blessed day as you remember to cherish every moment God has given you!
                         What are your favorite ways to spend time together as a family?


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