Mitchel and Bryn are having a blast managing the Dutch Country Inn! Constantly working to make updates and improve as much as possible, one step at a time. They love working together and spending much of their day helping each other with various responsibilities. Micah loves “helping” with laundry (aka throwing anything he’s carrying into the washer) and watching it spin! Micah keeps them busy and laughing all the time. He runs all over and tries to copy their words, and is the funniest little guy!

Their little family is so much fun to be around and we love having them as part of our clan!

Micah loves the water! 
“Nack”(snack) with Jubilee! She thought something was quite funny!
Special Valentines dinner!
So proud to sit in mama’s rocking chair!
Kitchen projects
Starting music lessons young! 
Enjoying some afternoon sunshine!
Hope you enjoyed this peak into their lives! 


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  1. What a precious family! I so enjoyed the pictures (Micah is adorable!!!!!!), and am blessed by Mitchell♥Bryn's beautiful example! Thank you so much for sharing the update!

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