July 6, 2021

Mitchell Leaves Home for a Month


The other morning after a waffle breakfast with the whole family around our big table, we gave hugs and said goodbye to Mitchell.
We ran out to the road to wave one more time as he headed south to Arkansas, where he will be spending a month interning with a pastor friend of ours there.
We are excited for Mitchell’s new adventure!  He will be working at the church, helping with outreach projects, learning from the pastor, and spending time studying.  He will be posting about his adventures and what God is teaching him at www.mitchellbontrager.blogspot.com.  Head on over to see his updates, and be sure to leave him a comment!

[posted by Allison]



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  1. What a fun experience for Mitchell. I'm sure you'll miss him. What kind of interning? Pastoring??
    Hannah L.

  2. Hi Hannah!
    Yes, it is a pastoral internship. He will be working with/studying under a pastor.

  3. Hi Lexi,
    He is praying about what the Lord would have for His future, but he does have a calling to preach.
    the Bontragers

  4. Hey Bontragers,
    Oh that's neat and that's wise of him to pray about it to. I think
    some seniors don't and that isn't wise. I thought I knew what I wanted to major in but now I'm not sure. I thought children's ministries but now since I've volunteered at a elementary school with kindergarten kids being a kindergarten teacher seems neat to. I also wanna ask Ms.Susan a secretary to the principal at a different elemtary school what her job is like cuz that may be neat also. I know I wanna minor in photography.
    Did you all get my voice mail for Allison?
    What type of camera do you all have?
    In Christ,

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