May 13, 2013

Mother’s day weekend this year:  Friday evening we pulled out of the driveway and headed for southern Iowa.  Saturday morning most of the family went turkey hunting.  In the afternoon, the ladies attended a lovely mother & daughter luncheon at the First Baptist Church of Seymour.  Our dear mother was the guest speaker.  She gave a beautiful challenge to the ladies about “Three Things Necessary for a Titus 2 Woman.”  Sunday morning we sang a few songs during the service.  The message by Pastor Stanley on “Seven Ways to Honor Your Mother”, was very encouraging and challenging.  We enjoyed a delicious fellowship meal with the dear people at the church, then in the early afternoon we sang again.  It was such a blessing to be with the church family at First Baptist for the weekend.  We drove to our home church for the evening service.

Sunday morning in the midst of sound-check and getting ready for the concert we squeezed in time to honor our mother.  We gave her cards and a few gifts.  Even the most simple things can show such love.

I could write all day about how amazing my mother is.  Every one of her children believe that she is the best mother in all of the world. 

Last evening at our church a mother/daughter ensemble sang a lovely song called “Cherish the Moment”.  Truly, we forget to cherish the moments.  It’s so easy to forget to tell our mothers we love them.  Too often we take for granted the things they do for us, not stopping to give them a hug and say “thank you”.  

My mother has taught me, by her words and example, countless lessons.  She is one of my very closest friends.  She cheers me on when I try something new, encourages me not to give up when I fail.  

Ten random things I love about my mother:
[her love for Jesus]
her laughter…some of my best laughs have been with her when nothing was even that funny
{her adorably classy style.  I love to raid her closet}
-her amazing cooking-
her humility
(her passion for living intentionally)
her creativity
*her soft heart*
her wisdom.  she gives amazing advice on so many different things.
//her priorities. so many times she has said “NO” to good things so she’d have time for the best things.//



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  1. Hello to all of the Bontrager's!
    Happy Mother's Day Ms.Becky! Sounds like u all had a fun Mother's Day weekend! Fri we took my mom out to dinner at Out Back Steak House! Sat was r churches Mother's Day tea! Sun my dad got doughnuts! We gave her a new bible case, a new bible, and yellow jelly beans! At church all of the mothers got a flower pined on to their shirt, they all got recognized, they all got key chains, and chocolate bars! I gave my friends mom(Ms.Susan) a hug. Ms.Susan had no girls and her youngest is 19, so I'm kinda like Ms.Susan's daughter!
    In Christ,

  2. Hi Allison, Sounds wonderful…I love celebrating Mother's day! What were the three points your mom made about the Titus 2 woman? I'd love to know!
    Rachel R

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