Our friends, the Johnson ladies, invited the girls and I to join them for a tea party that they hosted for the ladies from their church.   Mrs. Johnson and her 3 daughters had decorated each table with  strawberry bonnets (yummy!!),  pink ribbons, and a centerpiece of fresh fruit.  The guests brought either a salad or dessert and the Johnsons prepared a delicious sausage/pineapple casserole.  It was a most delightful meal.

The girls shared a simple song about Creation that our younger children have been learning recently called “Who Made the Pretty Lilies”.

It was a bit strange singing without our wonderful men, but we managed!
Rebecca and Mrs. Johnson share a special moment during the service.
Thanks so much, Johnson ladies, for inviting us to be  part of a very special evening.  Another thank-you from our men who loved every minute of the cookout in  your backyard!!


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  1. Dear Bontrager Ladies,
    Looks like a delightful time.
    Sure was decorated "simply-beautiful".
    What a sweet way to share.
    Think of yall often.
    The Mayo ladies

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