There’s a new restaurant in town! One of the local churches in our area recently started up a new cafe in downtown Iowa City, which is our nearest big town, twenty-five minutes away. It is called 
It is a beautiful place! This past Saturday was a special opening/discount for relatives only. Since our uncle + aunt were a very instrumental part of this endeavor, that meant we qualified to go! 
Southwestern omelet. And a vanilla latte. Amazing!
(they also serve additional coffee drinks, smoothies, soft pretzels, and paninis)
Mom and Allison both got “The Skillet”. 
It was served in the coolest little cast iron skillet pans and was incredible as well!

Mom, Allison, and I (Chelsy) had such fun going together! We came home and raved about it to the rest of the family (who had other commitments and weren’t able to go) and now they all are excited to go sometime soon as well.
For those of you who live nearby and want to check it out, the grand opening is tomorrow! 
The Encounter Cafe is located at 376 S Clinton Street, Iowa City, Iowa, and is open
Tuesday-Saturday, for breakfast + lunch. (hours are 7am-3pm) 
Also, for all of y’all coming in from out-of-state for the weddings next weekend, this would be a great stop for you if you are looking for something fun to do on the Saturday morning between the weddings. =) 


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  1. The Saturday morning of Mitchell and Bryn's is the day of the first Iowa Hawkeye home football game. Iowa City will be jam packed with people.

  2. Oh that's right! I knew that! (cause all the hotels are booked and guests have been having a hard time finding places to stay) Don't know how I managed to forget! Thanks so much for the reminder.

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