July 6, 2021

Mother’s Day 2011

This year on Mother’s Day, we drove the short distance to Grandma Bontrager’s House to have dinner with the entire Bontrager clan (or at least all those who live nearby).  The party totaled 37 people.  It was a wonderful day of celebrating the gift of mothers. 
There was time for some conversation in the Grandma’s living room before dinner was served.  The daughters, daughters-in-love, and granddaughters brought the food, so Grandma, who frequently cooks for large groups of people, was able to simply sit and relax.  
 The younger cousins had a grand time together outdoors.
Aunt Vesta and Aunt Linda planned a delicious menu of little meatloaves, cheesy potatoes, lettuce salad, jello salad, bread, and dessert.  The children ate in the sun on Grandma’s deck.
 These little ladies are best buds!  I’m afraid it took a little longer than usual for the to comsume their dinner, due to the jokes, playing, and general fun being enjoyed (when they should have been eating!;).
 Dessert was banana pudding and cheesecakes: 
a l m o n d
c h o c o l a t e
 v a n i l l a  with  b l u e b e r r y topping
 When Dad and his four brothers get together, there is no lack of lively conversation.  As usual, there were plenty of crazy stories, jokes, and laughter!  
 Denver, Nicki, and Joshua played a “rousing” game of Rook, a Bontrager family favorite.
“Children have loved playing in that orchard for 40 years.” ~Grandma Bontrager
It’s true.  My aunt remembers climbing the “Zaccheus tree” as a young girl (it’s the one with branches that fork low in the tree as if they were designed to be climbed by small children.)  On Sunday the tradition was carried on when some of the cousins spent part of the afternoon playing in the orchard.  


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. IT looks like you all had a lovely time. Forgive me asking/prying but are your relatives Amish or Mennonite? Yours in Christ.

  2. Hello Laura,
    Yes, we some of our relatives attend a Beachy Mennonite church.
    the Bontragers

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