April 10, 2017
Finally! Today is the day! 
Our latest album, “Time For Truth”, has been released on iTunes + our website store and is now available for purchase! You can purchase a physical copy OR the download album option, on our website. It is also available on iTunes! 
There is a lot we could say about this album. As far as the actual recording, it was our favorite and best experience yet. We had a dream team to work with and the whole process was so so great. We highly recommend our entire crew of professionals who worked so hard to make this project a reality.  Whether you are looking for photographer, graphic designer, engineer, producer, or duplicator, we highly recommend each of the following businesses!
Engineer + Producer- Charley Hubbs, CBI Productions
Photographer- Laura Johnson, Laura Christine Portraits
Graphic Designer- Rachel Wyatt, Wyatt Designs + Printing
Duplication- MasterTrack Productions (sadly they are closing their doors and we were one of their last projects!) 

The actual production of this cd…was a little rough! The good news was that we knew from the very beginning that the devil would be fighting this project, so we went into it fulling knowing that, and praying hard for a miracle! 
We began the project in January. The shortest we have ever done a full family cd, from recording time to the time that we have the actual completed, ready-to-sell copy in our hands, has been five months. So we knew it would be nothing short of a miracle to have it the entire project done, start to finish, in two months. However, we really wanted to have the new album before we went into Mexico, and we felt that God wanted us to have it, too.
So we prayed. And God’s people prayed with us. We saw miracle after miracle take place (it would take too long to share them all now!) and with every single one we just prayed harder, believing that Jesus was going to provide and work the impossible. 
Sure enough. On Thursday, March 9th, (the day before we went into Mexico) the cds arrived in Fredricksburg, TX. We were so happy and praising the Lord! It was the greatest feeling to have the actual project in our hands!
A month later, and we now have the cd available online. The Lord has blessed us with an album that we love, 100%.  Whenever I play it, I remember the sweat + tears (almost) that went into each song, and I am just so thankful for the faithfulness of Jesus and how He provided!
Anways, all that said…head on over and get your own today!
“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you: 
that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.”
2 Corinthians 9:8



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  1. Loving this new album!!! You guys are very talented and I love listening to your music. It just makes my day! Praising the Lord for His miracles and yet another amazing album!! Blessings, Kendra

  2. Oh my goodness, can NOT wait to get a copy!! Y'all have blessed so many people with your music, myself included. So, so happy about getting the new cd!! God is good.

  3. Hey, great job! I have been praying for you and glad to see the album you worked on so hard out!!! What song speaks to you the most? (I love listening to your music and your instrument playing is superb!)
    Even though some of your family members won't be touring, will they continue making music with you as a band? It was sad to hear about Carson. Don't let anyone else leave!!!
    His blessings be with you all! 🙂

    1. We all have various favorites. =) Probably my favorite song on the entire cd is the first one, Days of Elijah.
      Not sure at this point on your second question! Carson has quit completely; Mitchell is quitting touring but he may appear on a future music album. Will see!

  4. Bontrager Singers~
    Last week we were surprised by your new CD in the mail!!
    All the hours y'all have put into practicing music is really showing. =)
    The instrumentation on "I Have Been Blessed" is beautiful…
    Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes stories and how God answered prayer…
    Truly, HE does do above and beyond all we can ask or think!
    Thank you so much~
    the Martin Family

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