July 6, 2021

Northern Tour 2017 || Post #8


Only concert in the Yukon this time—Whitehorse stop! Got to see this gorgeous rainbow right above the church when we pulled in to set up late Saturday night. This picture was taken at about 9pm-evenings are sunny up north and it doesn’t get dark until near midnight. 
The parents enjoyed an evening date out a a classy local establishment-actually a restaurant that they went to last time we were in Whitehorse, four years ago!
Meanwhile, Denver and Taylor grilled on the curb for the rest of us and we enjoyed an evening of games + yummy food.
Sunday morning concert.

Poor Hudson gave us a little scare mid-concert; he was in the middle of singing his song when suddenly he fainted! Thankfully my father had noticed him looking a little ill and was keeping an eye on him, so he was able to catch him as he was falling and help him out to the bus. We were about halfway through our concert when this happened, but were grateful to have finished as much as we did! Thanks to “pinch hitting” several of us were able to cover for him and finish out the concert without him. (this is one of the times when knowing multiple instruments is SO helpful!) 
Note: Hudson is back to normal and feeling fine. We are reminded of the blessing of good health and not to take it for granted!

Josh preached a message on the importance of knowing, following, + meditating on God’s Word.


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