July 6, 2021

Northern Tour 2017 || Post #25


Along with the fishing, we filled those few “off” days with exploring the town, special outings with each other, bus projects, Bible Bee study, music practice, exercise, and office work. Above, Taylor and Liz playing piano duets at a local cafe.
Morning run with the sisters-to-be!
Lots of dates happened. =)
A special bus lunch with these four one day when everyone else was gone.
Mother/daughter time together.
Work/study time!
Mom listening to Elizabeth’s BB verses.

When we pulled into the RV park (where we stayed during our fishing time in Soldotna) we were super surprised to hear our music playing from a nearby lodge! Later, we found out it was these guys listening to our music. (pictured above with Josh) They worked along the river and had gotten our cd at a recent concert they had attended. They came over to tell us how our music was blessing them. Such an encouragement!

Out on a hike—parents and the littles!


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  1. This is really random but that picture of "mother-daughter time", sitting right behind your mom is one of my friends!! 🙂 It just makes me realize how small the world is. 😉 Keep up the hard work!

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