July 6, 2021

Northern Tour 2017 || Post #26


And here’s a little peak into random daily life happenings. Above, family devotions in the bus.
Sister movie time during a long drive one day.
 Break snack time on a hike!

 This is a great picture of the normal craziness. Bags of laundry everywhere. Taylor perched in the middle practicing banjo. Hudson trying to squeeze into the fridge to get some food for lunch.
Oh, and the fridge that looks lopsided? That’s not just the angle of the camera; it really was tipped, from an extra big bump we hit in the road the night before.

 Pancake time! Brought to you by our chef Liz.

Great sibling discussions whilst driving. We have the best times. So thankful for these three!
We sure treasure every day we have together, recognizing that the memories we make today will never be exactly repeated. Life changes, and goes on! We see this so much especially in our current phase of life as a family, and we are really working to, more than ever, make the most of every time like this!

 Our boss (aka father) treated us to coffee @ Starbucks one evening while we had an hour to catch up on office work!


 These four have discovered that there is money to be made outside of coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. They take every opportunity they can to pick + grin + earn a little extra cash!

Bible Bee study.


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. How is the BB studying going for your family? I will keep them in my prayers as the study test is coming; I too am competing. God bless!

    1. That's great! Hope it goes well for you! It is going well for my four siblings. It has definitely been a challenge to study with our busy road schedule, but they are doing well, and excited to be testing online this weekend!

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