July 6, 2021

Northern Tour 2017 || Part #3


It has been a busy almost two weeks since we left home! These days find us singing night after night after night, and being blessed with lots of Canadian hospitality during the days. We LOVE our Canada people! =)
Sunday afternoon walk with these ladies…
Brunch time!
The cousins came three hours down from Dryden to our Emo Ontario concert! And they brought the little man—whom we all proceeded to fight over share nicely. =) At least he knows he is well loved!

A man who attended our concert in Arborg blessed us afterwards by coming over to our friends’  home where we were parked, and replacing our fuel filter. So thankful for all the people like this that God places in our path just when we need them!

The morning we were headed to Winnepeg, our small chest freezer in the trailer quit working. It has served us quite faithfully over the years and we are so thankful for that.
Also it quit working the same morning we were headed to Costco! Very thankful it didn’t happen this weekend when we are on the Alaskan highway and would’ve had to pitch all the food! Costco to the rescue—the former freezer was pitched and the new one installed in record time and we lost no food!

Costco parking lot production of sorts. =)
In concert!
So great to see these ladies again at a Manitoba concert!
Faces of extreme concentration on the new twist to “Sibling Cooperation”.
We have less siblings left to cooperate, ha! That calls for new ideas these days!


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  1. Costco to the rescue! The kids in our family love that place (all the samples; ya know?) but our parents don't like going much. Anyhow, God is always watching out for those he loves, huh?
    And cheers for making the sibling cooperation act work with only – what?- seven people? Good job and keep shining those lights inside of ya brightly!

  2. Awesome! I can barely wait til you guys come on the tour pretty close to my home(2 1/2-3 hrs). Btw, is one of those girls from manitoba named cassi?

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