We started out the beginning of this nearly eight-week-long summer tour with three concerts in the states-two in Michigan and one in Minnesota. We loved the unique venues and great crowds that turned out to all three. It was a joy to once again be out on tour sharing the love of Jesus with people!
Our first stop of the tour we got to see this sweet Michigan friend, who is one of our most faithful followers. We loved seeing you again, Ashley! Love you!
This stop was the first of our tour. Ironically, it was also the first of our summer tour last year. Last June it was our first concert without Carson, and this year it was our first one without Mitchell! Based on last years’ experiences, we had very low expectations for ourselves, to say the least. (just keeping it real!) Praise the Lord for brothers who practice insane amounts before we left! It was a tad rough but we survived! 
Got to spend a few hours with our Sugarbush friends in the UP. It was short but very sweet! We got there in the middle of maple sugar making, so we got to observe that process. We’ve mentioned this fabulous product on here before but will just say again-if you haven’t experienced maple sugar in your life, wait no longer! You can purchase it here. Yummiest sugar ever!

Our second concert was in Chassel Michigan. Above, enjoyed a beautiful walk on the way to the host family’s home for dinner, pre concert.

A morning stop at a beautiful park, about an hour outside of Duluth. We try to take advantages of opportunities like this, to stop the bus and get outside even for just an hour or so.

Set up time! This happens every night and is obviously a vital part of our concerts.
No set up=no concert. =)

Interesting reading positions from the pew…=)
Sister backstage time. =)


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  1. I'm glad you had a good time up in my state, Michigan. I also love the colors you guys picked for your summer outfits. Great job! God bless the family as you travel and I am praying for you.

  2. Michigan is awesome indeed! It's the best state I've ever lived in til now!(in fact the only one:) I would've loved to come to one of your concerts but they were just a little too far out. But hopefully I can make it the one in Ohio this October. Take care and have fun touring!

  3. I love y'all's newest outfit!! As I also come from a "large" family (one of nine), I appreciate coordinating outfits with such fun colors! 🙂 Hope we can make it to one of your concerts this year! We've missed the past couple years…
    God Bless and Safe Travels!
    MaryVance in SC

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