July 6, 2021

Northern Tour 2017 || Post #4


It was so great to be back in Saskatchewan last week! We had one concert there and had a great crowd from the little town of Hudson Bay.

Josh chatting with concert attendees, pre-concert, while Denver and Hudson tune instruments in the background.

Our fearless leader, sharing his heart with the group.

Our stage lineup has changed a lot with Mitchell leaving. The most major changes are that Taylor fills in all the banjo roles now, and Hudson plays bass on all the songs on which Taylor plays banjo. They have been doing an amazing job and it is so fun to watch them develop their skills and enjoy their new responsibilities on stage!

Josh “resurrected” (as we call it) a “golden oldie” (another Bontrager term we use for old music).
We like the new version better than ever. Lots of young blood + energy for the instrumentation, and a sister vocal trio for the vocals. Come to a concert to hear it! =)


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. So will Josh continue touring after he gets married to his sweetheart? He is such a valuable member (everyone of you are, and it must be difficult missing some!). Love the photos and glad to see you once again serving and singing for the LORD with all of your hearts!
    (PS: Do you guys practice singing at a regular basis? I see pictures of the family with the instruments practicing and just wondered. Well, God bless!)

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