July 6, 2021



Catch up time! =) I realized I never got these pictures posted from our time in NY last month.
My grandpa leading us in morning devotions.
 We hosted a very fun bridal shower for my cousin who is getting married in December. Afterwards, Alli & I helped her pack up all the gifts in preparation for her move to Manitoba.
We also spent some time helping with preparations for her wedding.
Liz & Sarah Liz packaged little bags of hot chocolate mix & mini marshmallows to be used for the wedding favors.
 Denver & Josh doing dishes with Grandma
 Hudson & Mom made applesauce for Grandpa & Grandma
 Liz helping Grandma clean lettuce
Mom & Grandpa working in the flower gardens. Mom definitely inherited her love of gardening from her father!!
 breakfast at Grandpas
A very enjoyable evening spent with family!


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Seems like you are back at it!! There's always time for fellowship afterwards, right? All the work is worth while if you think about what is coming afterwards! 🙂 Love your family!! May God bless you lots! -A Faithful Follower

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