July 6, 2021

Ohio Weekend Concert Trip

We rarely take any bookings for the month of May, as that is our “home + spring planting” month that we guard quite carefully. But this month we headed out to Ohio for a very quick weekend, to be a part of a special ministry opportunity there. Having not sung/played together since the beginning of April, this meant there was a great need to have some group practice time! This was our first tour to perform a set without Mitchell, and, would you believe it, we survived! Thanks to an abundance of diligent individual practice on the part of the three youngest boys, it looks like we actually might make it this summer. =)
Focused, serious, and focused. =)

Our first event was Saturday night. The church who brought us in has a Bible Study/discipleship program that they started several years ago at a local gun shop. It has grown to several hundred men and is having an amazing impact on lives in the community.
For this night, all the men were invited to bring their wives + families for an evening barbecue and live concert.

Sunday morning and evening found us performing and sharing at the host church’s Sunday services. We enjoyed lunch out with the pastor + assistant pastors and their families.

Allison and I got to catch up over coffee for a few hours, Sunday afternoon, with these gems! So great to see them again.

Taylor loved the opportunity to get a banjo lesson, after our concert, from the assistant pastor, who, his son said, has been “playing the banjo since he was three!” =) We grew up on his family’s albums, and so it was a real treat to meet him!

Late night dinner with the pastors family before hitting the road for home! We were so blessed by the sweet spirit of this church and their heart for discipleship. There is such a lack of true discipleship + long-lasting relationships with people these days, and it was very refreshing to see a church stepping outside the norm to reach people in such an effective way. We left feeling challenged and encouraged!


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. We SO enjoyed our time with y'all, what an AWESOME surprise!!! So blessed by your ministry + huge hearts for Jesus.

  2. BTW, what is Mitchell doing or is that to remain unknown? Been praying for safe travels for you guys! God bless.

  3. Awww, the girls and I LOVED catching up with you!! Such a sweet timeπŸ’– Can't wait for the next time! And of course we were super blessed by y'alls concert. Thank-you for your ministry and hearts of service and kindness!

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