March 29, 2007

Taylor enjoys a special moment with Brad as he reads stories about Christopher Churchmouse.

A highlight for all the children was the horse and wagon ride at the Millers’ house.

Elizabeth and Hudson loved playing outdoors at the Unrah’s house.

The Millers’ pony was quite energetic but Carson guided it with a firm hand.

Hello Friends! We returned yesterday from a 4 day trip to Kansas City and Oklahoma. On Friday evening we had a service at the Kansas City Rescue Mission. It was a blessing to be able to share God’s love with men who seem to have very little hope. Our service on Sunday evening was at Zion Mennonite Church in Pryor, Oklahoma. It is always a privilege to worship with other believers and to encourage each other. On Monday evening we had the unique opportunity to give a short program at a large gathering of Marlin’s relatives, mostly Amish. Our prayer is that God will use our songs and testimony to change lives, many which are in bondage to church rules and family differences.
In between services we enjoyed visiting and renewing aquaintances with relatives. There were plenty of opportunities for the children to enjoy the warm, sunny weather.


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  1. wonderful! we can finally post on your blog! thank you all from the very depths of our soul!

    sorry we didn’t make it over to your house yesterday… we ran into some bad weather and just wanted to get home! but hopefully we can stop over soon!

    well… thanks again for changing your blog! you are absolute gems! 🙂 love you guys! tiff for the crew

  2. Wonderful pictures — thanks for sharing! My favorite is the one of Elizabeth and Hudson. They are growing so fast!!! Glad you had a safe and fruitful trip. I am sure you were a great encouragement to folks in Oklahoma!

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