July 6, 2021

On the Road Again


If you are wondering why we have posted so few times in the past month, it’s because we have been busy getting our household, the gardens, and the farm in order for our 3 1/2 week tour to the east.

Now that we are on the road, we will post as we have wireless access.
When God brings us to your mind, please pray that we will be His ministers of grace, love, and truth.  We see that as this world is darker, we need to shine our lights brighter.  The only way to do this is to be connected to the only source of truth, Jesus Christ.  Sometimes in the busyness of ministry and life on the road, we get distracted by all the “doing” and forget that the most important work is spending time with God.


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Have a safe trip! I was sooo disappointed when I found out you are going to be at the Farm Progress Show again this year. I met you right after your last program (which we missed) last year and would love to be there this year. I will be over due by a couple weeks at that time (unless the baby miraculously comes earlier than the others), so unless a friend comes along to help with the little ones I won't likely be there this year.

  2. We are so looking forward to having you come a week from today! God's blessings to you all! Uh, we will not get rid of any trash for you!!! James still feels bad about that. Louise Bontrager

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