Enjoy these pictures of the past few weeks leading up to our departure on tour! They held busy and special times and we enjoyed the last few weeks at home. We are looking forward to all the special things God has in store for this tour. We would appreciate your prayers!
(Be ready for LOTS of grand-baby pictures! They’re a big part of our lives!)

It doesn’t get much better than story-time with Grandpa!

 Wallace-the little farmer!

Summer evening smiles with Jubilee! 
Summer days are a great time to soak up sunshine while working in the dirt! 
After Allison and Jeremiah got engaged, we invited the whole family back to our house for a cook-out. Some of Jeremiah’s family was there and the whole group had a great time!
Grabbing a selfie with Jeremiah’s sisters on the way back from taking pictures and videos of the big moment- Jeremiah + Allison’s engagement.
Summer classic Sunday at church. We enjoyed trying to dress up a bit classic!

More stories!

A couple weeks ago Hudson and Liz got their permits, so beware and clear the roads!:):)
Micah in shades doesn’t get much cuter! 
Smiles with Liz’s little friends at church!
One evening, we invited friends over for a ride to our campsite for a summer grill-out. It’s great to spend evenings with like-minded friends!
Smiles with the charming Jubilee!
Working on favorite uncle status!
Biking during a get-a-way trip just the two of them.
A neat annual thing our church does is a service where the teen/young people take over literally doing everything from ushering to preaching! It is a fun time and some of us enjoyed participating in it. We got a group pic afterwards of all the teens and singles.

 Taylor enjoying a little time with Micah in the middle of milking.

Gator rides with Wallace, Micah, and Jubilee before family dinner one evening.
Wedding planning!
Evening games.
Rebs + Huds- the budding pie-makers!
In May, we met up with our sis and fam at a wedding. It was lovely to be able to see her and John and of course spend time with Axton! 
Such a cutie!
Soaking up quality time!
Ready to wade and splash in the creek!
The charming Winston!
Supper at Josh and Cassidy’s was a blast!

Mulching party!

Allison enjoyed her visit to KS!
Summer walks+long sister chats!
We enjoyed eating out on the porch many evenings this spring and summer. It’s always great when some of the family joins us! Tonight it was Carson and Lina.  
Impromptu coffee date and meet-up with Micah and Mitchell!
Good-by snuggles with Winston before leaving on tour.
And then the last big thing before we left was packing this bus! We got it done though and headed out at 10:00 p.m. Friday night. (It took a bit to actually get more than a mile from home because people had to run back into the house a few times to grab things they forgot! But that’s expected with leaving on tour!)
Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness.”
Colossians 1:11


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  1. You got your driver's permit! That's really exciting! Are you learning manual (stick-shift) or automatic? Beautiful photos! I love reading your updates. 🙂

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