So.  We thought we would let you all in on some of our projects and craziness from the past month.  Life has been full of hard work, grand adventures, beautiful memories, school, traveling, crazy schedules, Bible Bee, events/planning, etc.  Here’s a recap of a few of our adventures:
Our mother was in charge of putting together approx. 70 gift baskets for a conference out church had in September.  She did a lovely job!
Chels is so super good at gift wrapping.  
Our dear Mitchell got his wisdom teeth extracted a few weeks ago.  He had a lovely chipmunk cheek for a few days.  Not sure how much the whole process actually hurt- this man has an amazing pain tolerance.
Chess game on the back of the truck- what could be better?!:)
four wheeler rides by Carson.  He loves his little siblings so much.
Huds trying to teach Javan how to play chess.:)  It was rather a fail-maybe in a few years?  Believe it it or not, these guys are three and a half years apart.  Javan just happens to be closer to Hudson’s size than Rebecca’s.:)  Oh, and for those wondering, Javan is the little cutie that I so love babysitting.
We took time one evening to do a cook-out.  It was so fun to relax out in the woods and enjoy all the fire-cooked yummies.

Denver was so pleased with this buck he shot one Saturday morning.  Denver is probably the most dedicated hunter in the family- he loves the outdoors and the thrill of hunting and trapping.

{Church Anniversary Celebration}
Our church’s 40th anniversary celebration was a special time of worshipping the Lord and rejoicing in His goodness.

Some of the boys helped grill for the big noon meal that Sunday.

Huds and his friend Jonah.
Mother and Liz serving in the food line.
{Shipshewanna, Indiana}
These dear people.  They took our whole huge family out for breakfast and we had such an epic time of feeding the face, encouragement, and laughter.  Thanks, Brubachers. 
We sang 11 times in four days.  It was quite the weekend! 

The little ones loved the chance to ride in these!  
 These ladies are such a blessing!  They are from two of the other groups that sang during the weekend, and it’s been a pleasure getting to know them and their families a little over the past few years.
Chels and I were so blessed by our time on staff at the Bright Lights and Radiant Purity conferences in MN.  More details here.

{Surprise Party}

We had a delightful time at the party for Charity, our pastor’s wife and dear friend.  We were thrilled to totally surprise her.  Above are Chels and I with dear friends who we worked with on this party.
Liz and Lydia.
{Girls Road Trip}
Chels and I just got home from a lovely weekend with these ladies (+ a few more joined us for part of the time).  Chels will be doing a post about it on her blog soon.
And I close with a quote that is currently on our chalkboard door:
“Faith expects from God what is beyond expectations.

Expect big things today!

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  1. Love your way of writing, Alli… although it makes me miss you! 🙂 Cool things seem to be happening in Iowa…. thanks for the rundown. Incidentally, I am IN LOVE with the (new?) hairstyle your'e wearing in a lot of pics here and on Chels's blog these days…sort of half up thing? Way too beautiful!!!! 🙂
    See y'all soon!

  2. Trina-
    Yes, I adore that child's hair! Ahh….soo amazingly CUTE.
    And I think he adores my brothers alot, cause he seems to love to do most anything that they do.:)

  3. Lexi-
    Well, we sang twice during the day and once in the evening for three days (in the same town), then morning and evening on Sunday.:)
    We don't do Halloween, because we don't want to celebrate darkness and death and all that. The Bible says to think on "whatsoever is pure and lovely" (Phil. 4:8), and there's nothing pure and lovely about Halloween, especially with it's Satanic origins.

  4. Hi Lexi,

    Obviously it's a personal choice. Depending on how well we knew them, we might talk with them about it. Some people have always celebrated it and never really considered all that it stands for.


  5. Hey Allison,
    No surprise but I celebrate Halloween. I don't do witches, vampires or anything like bad but I do dress up in costume and I'm fully covered.
    In Christ,

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