July 6, 2021

//Pre-Concert: Getting Ready//


Ever wondered what it would be like for 12 people to get ready at the same time in a 45×6 foot space?  Well, I’d describe it as crazy and character-building.  Sometimes it is downright hilarious and slightly frustrating at the same time!  
When you add together four men (read, “I need to get in the bathroom to shave NOW!!! or “I can’t find a COMB!!!!”:), three boys (sometimes needing last-minute assistance with hair combing or trimming), five females (and the ensuing tubes of lipstick, bottles of hairspray, curling irons, make-up, bobby pins, etc!), and limited time and space, it gets pretty interesting-to say the least.:)
We regularly fit several people in our tiny bus bathroom while getting ready.:)
Liz, me, and Rebecca
Liz doing finishing touches in front of one of the mirrored doors
brushing teeth
 Carson retrieving something from his bunk
Chels doing her hair
Dad and Josh discussing the song list as Josh brushes his teeth.



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We are home!!

We are home!!
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  1. WoW! WoW! What a chaotic Party!!!

    that would be so hard to get use to! 🙂 Thanks for sharing a peek of your everyday life!

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