July 6, 2021

Random Moments from December


December was a month filled with birthdays, company, & music practice, primarily! 
We celebrated Denvers 13th birthday & Elizabeths 9th.
We also enjoyed the time at home that we could host several different groups of company!

the boys enjoying a good wrestling competition
sibling time
Denver got a gun for his birthday, and was thrilled with it!
Trapping was Denver’s big project for the fall. In December he took his many furs in to sell. Above are a few!
As always, reading is a HUGE part of our lives! =)
Above, Javan (the little cutie that Allison babysits) enjoys a few stories with Carson.
Last fall Allison did a discipleship group with six 14-17yr olds. 
Right before we left on tour, they had a “girls evening out” where those that were able to make it, got together to do hair & makeup, dress up, and go out to eat at a fancy restuarant. 
The guys took the kitchen by storm
and learned how to make chili, ON THEIR OWN!
(no female assistance was allowed, since it was for the chili cookoff contest.)
To give them due credit…they cleaned up after themselves, thank goodness! =)


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  1. Oh yay, another post from the Bontrager's! Very fun post! It was fun to watch my brother and dad make chili too! Very funny! And fun! I hope you are having a great trip! Mary Ebersole

  2. Hello to all of the Bontrager's,
    Happy birthday Elizabeth and Denver! I love the pics! U all r doing a great job on the blog!
    In Christ,

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