August 31, 2017
Last evening was set as the rehearsal for the Bontrager Bowers Double. 
It was quite the evening. I had the thought that maybe we should’ve live streamed THAT, for amusement of people all over. What a riot it was! Siblings everywhere! Opinions in abundance! =) An amazing wedding coordinator and our dear pastor who worked together so well to keep things flowing, or at least attempting to flow. 
And here we go! 
It is a little more complicated to attempt a rehearsal without the tent and chairs. But those don’t arrive until tomorrow, and the lawn needed to be mowed today, so. We did our best!
This whole double wedding business is so unique in every way. It was discovered even more as the rehearsal got underway. 
“Who gives these women to be married to these men?”
No, no , no…that sounds bad! Start over. 
“Who gives this woman to be married to this man and this woman to be married to THIS man?”
Too wordy. Start over.
So finally each couple gets their own little “getting + giving” of the bride with the father of the brides.
Yes, success. =)
Ten brothers and five sisters make up the bridal party. It is perfect. Two guys per girl. 
And just to mix it up and have fun? They put little boys with big girls and little girls with big boys. 
Opposite of what you would think. =) You’ll have to watch the livestream to see. =)
Sweetest sight—-the brother grooms walking our dear grandmother down the “aisle”.
Smiles everywhere. And lots of laughter!
Need to get new steps yet-we don’t want anyone wiping out! 
And then, Mexican Fiesta + cheesecakes afterwards!
Carson + Carolina
Joshua + Cassidy

Perfect ending to a beautiful night!
Note: Regarding the livestream-we will be posting that tomorrow night after Mitchell + Bryn’s rehearsal. Please check back then to get the links! Also, for daily updates and even sneak peaks the morning of the weddings…follow @bontragerfamilysingers on instagram


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  1. Hi. You do not know us. We are friends of Don and Molly's, the parents of Lauren Bowers. We labor with Don and Molly in the Philippines, as house parents at an orphanage, and they kindly sent us the link for the blessed weddings of their granddaughters, about to happen. May we just say that you encourage our faith no end, and it is such a blessing to see children following the God of their fathers. May God richly bless your wedding and your marriage with His presence, and grace you in your walk with Him together. We are really excited for you, even though we have never met. Wishing you the Lord's richest blessings, Tim and Becky Adams

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