July 6, 2021

Road Life “Glam”


It was “one of those days”.
you know, we’ve all had them.
the kind where things just go wrong in a major way.
as in…within 1 hour we got our bus MAJORLY stuck in our friends’ very soft yard…
and Mitchell busted his banjo while…doing something. (???)
And it wasn’t the backup banjo this time…it was THE banjo.
This post is for all of you who think road life is glamorous.
trust me…we’ve seen it all.
and glam is the last word to use!
I won’t post pictures of the leaky toilet-you’ll just have to imagine that one.
It made the banjo incident look like a picnic. =0


winter tour 2013

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  1. Oh my word…. that is horrible!! What are you going to do?!?! We are praying for you all!! I can imagine it would get pretty bad sometimes… Love you all, Mary Ebersole

  2. You're kidding! Whoa, what a mess. I hope the Lord pulled you through it.
    That poor banjo. What are you going to do? Yikes! May the Lord supply all your needs.


  3. We got our bus stuck like that to, took us a while to dig under it so we could get a jack down there. Then the jack kept sinking down lol. Aww sorry to hear about the banjo!

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