August 8, 2014
Every July, our church has “Rodeo Sunday” out at the local fairgrounds. For the past two years we have missed it since we have been traveling all of July. This was the first July since we started going to MABC in 2012, that most of us were actually home for a bit of July and part of that happened to be rodeo Sunday. 
The day was filled with amazing music, wonderful preaching, fun games, and, of course, the rodeo!
I photographed the day (see all the pictures here on our church website) and the siblings provided special music. 

Things were mixed up a bit with bluegrass instruments accompanying the congregational singing. =)

Most people dressed up in full cowboy attire. 
the choir singing.
I also took care of the newest little one at MABC-our pastor’s 2wk old daughter. Isn’t she precious?!
Ready to begin the rodeo…

Lets all cheer for these Bontrager cattle making their appearance!  =)

There was the blue side against the red side. Some people really got into the cheering!
{love this guy!}

A race to see who could saddle and ride these wild little animals first.

This little guy was so tough. Look how he is still trying to hold on!
these dear people, looking classy and newlywed on their fun ride. =)
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