July 6, 2021



With our dear friend, Betty Miller, the co-founder of Life Ministries.
carrying on tradition-breakfast at Der Dutchman w/ moms Uncle Amos & Aunt Hannah.
(it was quite a morning-people who were either
a) related to us
b) from Iowa
c) knew us from our singing
kept stopping by to chat. It was an extremely social breakfast. =)
Florida tropics!
even though it was COLD while we were there…it was still beautiful!


family, food, Tour

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  1. Great violin practicing pics. Sometimes my violin practice has to be creative. When visitors are over, I head to the woods or basement. Skirt hangers make excellent music stands in a pinch!

  2. Allison, how do you get your hair up like it is in the picture of you helping one of the boys practice? Does your hair have a lot of body? My hair is very thin, and has almost no body, but a little below my waist. Any tips for getting my hair to stay up? (Or any other hair do's similar to that!) When I leave my hair down, it gets extremely tangled, and pulled and in my way, so I'm looking for ways to do my hair up, that's not sloppy.

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