May 25, 2017
I would be the first to admit that Science is not my first love. But after opening “Apologia’s Astronomy” a few months ago, I have found a new appreciation for the amazing world God has created.  
The Astronomy book is divided into 14 chapters, one of which describes the incredible characteristics of Mercury.  Each chapter also gives idea for experiments.  
Above is each student’s version of Mercury, complete with craters.  If you don’t know what a crater on Mars is, you might want to order your own copy of Apologia’s “Astronomy”.  
And yes, we did have fun doing this project!!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth the His handywork.  Day unto day uttered speech and night until night sheath knowledge.” 
-Psalm 19:1-2

{written by Becky}


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    1. I hope you don't mind if I say something: my family uses the KJV Bible, because it is the most accurate translation to the original languages.

    2. Jessica, what do you mean the most accurate? I was being harsh up above; sorry! I really like the NIV and was super excited to see the Bible Bee use it finally. But I just don't understand all the "thee" and "thous." Is that what you are saying? Old language?
      (Bontragers, forgot your rule about disagreements. I need to put my name in, right? Here it is.)

  1. I am thrilled you are studying and teaching this to your children. Good job!!! My late husband was a rocket scientist (Ph.D, MIT) and loved all things science/space related. Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings, Mari

    P.S. I'm so excited you're coming to the PNW

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