July 6, 2021

September Snapshots from Home


September felt like a very short month to most of us! People have been asking us how the “new normal” feels and we respond that we don’t know yet because we haven’t been home enough to find out! =) 
The boys + their wives all returned home from their respective honeymoons, and enjoyed settling into their “new normal” of running their own households + each couple’s individual work schedules. We enjoyed the opportunity to all get together one night for a cookout back at the campsite, (above) 
and sure do love our growing family! 
Backtracking a bit back to the very beginning of the month now with this picture…having so many of mom’s family visit for the weddings was SO FUN! We got to host a houseful of them for Sunday lunch, after the weddings.
September means fall chopping time! The guys worked diligently in spite of breakdowns and technical difficulties. Getting that silo filled with chopped corn for the winter is no small feat, but sure a good feeling to have finished!
These two decided they wanted to make us all pancakes one morning. Bless their hearts!

Our tomatoes continued producing, so mom invited the new daughters over to learn how to can salsa and take it home to their men! So so fun to work together on projects like these!

Taking three people out of the equation at one time really changes things. Also having a mostly adult household really changes things! On this particular Saturday, it came super time and the above three were the only people home. This has been happening more and more and while it feels very strange at first, we just roll with it and of course have a great time, no matter how many or few people are there! We whipped up a homemade pizza and ONLY NEEDED ONE. That felt odd-I can’t ever remember having just made one pizza before! =) 
I went out hunting with Hudson for an afternoon. 
It was great quality sibling time and Hudson got his first deer of the season! 
Rebecca turned ten and we celebrated with typical Bontrager birthday bash, of course!

Iowa sunsets are SO breathtakingly beautiful! Allison got to enjoy this one at work one evening.
A wonderful reminder that we need so often!


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