July 6, 2021



Our last trip of the year was to the annual Crafters Fair and concert series at the Bluegate Theater in Shipshewana, IN. We were one of four groups that performed over the weekend. 
This is a picture of part of the group…..it was taken at about 11:30pm and various family members had already left for bed. These were the few that were left from the Clark, Balos, and Bontrager families.
 Taylor plays bass
 As we were packing up the last night, “someone” stacked a tote on top of the mixer. The mixer  took a tumble at the bottom of the stairs, and consequently everything in the tote (books, cds, pictures, etc) went flying all over the pavement. So here we are, at 12:00am on Sunday morning, cleaning up. 
We were all on stage singing but as we sang we knew something was going on because all eyes in the audience were focused on “something” at the corner of the stage. Its very interesting to sing and watch people laughing at the same time, especially when you yourself can’t look to see what they’re laughing at, but you have a pretty good idea of what it is. =) One dear lady I was watching was laughing so hard she was wiping tears from her eyes. I was playing piano and thinking to myself, “I can only imagine what kind of an act little miss Curly is putting on right now.” =)
Sure enough, this is what they were laughing at.
We were SO thankful that Danelda had her camera and was able to capture this moment.
The boys set up their chess game in the green room behind stage and then snuck in quick moves in between their songs. Leave it to boys to use those spare moments wisely!
Our mother’s dear friends from “olden days” didn’t make it to IA this year for our yearly memorial day visit, so they spent the weekend in IN with us instead. They always add lots of life to the party and are a great addition to our already rowdy team. =)
Late one night, after the concerts were over, Allison & I got to spend some time with our friends Bonnie & Jenna, from the Balos Family
We stayed at the “Preachers House” again. The little ones loved the unique stairway.
A sweet local family invited us over for breakfast and to ride their homemade ferris wheel. It was quite something. 
new friends
getting a thrill!
There’s a long story behind these shirts…..but basically Denver and his friend Javan were calling themselves professional DJ string cutters, so Javan and his parents went and got these matching shirts made for the boys. Denver was beyond thrilled. =)


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  1. Fun!
    Shipshewana is so neat! I love that place. 🙂 We went there after my Dad met a man at a Dad's Conference, and we got to meet his family. They also breed labs, and we bought two. 🙂
    It's such a cute little place and everyone there is so nice! 🙂

  2. That ferris wheel looks like LOADS of fun! Rebekah looked really cute at the top of that staircase! (and on stage too of course)

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