February 21, 2014
Last week in South Carolina we had another “winter in the south” experience.
We woke up one morning to find the bus looking like a giant icicle!
Father decided we should head to Florida before the the storm got worse.
Some friends invited us to stop at their restaurant for lunch.  We had a delightful time enjoying the delicious food with this dear couple.
It was just beautiful!  Snow and ice on green trees and bright green grass is not something we see in the North.
We soon discovered that there were trees and telephone wires down due to the weight of the ice.
We came to this tree across the road and our progress was immediately halted.:)  Mitchell, Carson, Joshua, and I got out to try to move it, but it refused to budge.  Thankfully, a tractor soon came along to remove the obstacle so we could again be on our way.
Oh, the wonder our God’s creation!  Truly, I believe enjoying all His beautiful design is one of the greatest delights in life.  
We stopped in Savannah for this lovely couple to have an early Valentines date.  They found a sweet little seafood establishment by the river where they enjoyed an evening celebrating love.:)  I just must say, too, how grateful I am for parents who put forth effort to nurture their marriage.  I know so many do not have the privilege of having parents who have a fabulous marriage, and that just makes me even more grateful for my parents’ so-very-evident love for each other. 
The end.:)  Well……I guess the very end of the South Carolina ice storm adventure was when we arrived safely in Florida.:)  And, by the way, thank you SO much to all you who pray for us!  We are humbled and blessed to be covered in prayer as we travel, and I want ya’ll to know that we appreciate and definitely FEEL your prayers.  So thank you.



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  1. Oh my so thankful all is well!
    We have been keeping all of our sweet friends traveling in ministry in prayer.
    So, glad to see that you are doing okay. How about a few pic's of where-what-when and now what's going on! (yes, we are nosy)
    Thank you for that up-date!
    (or…we miss yall) Smile
    Hugs and prayers~
    Mayo's x's 10

  2. Hey there Mayos!
    Thank you guys so much for praying for us- we love you!
    Ok ok….we will try to post some recent photos! Blogging on the road can be such a challenge!
    Allison for the B clan

  3. Hey Bontragers,
    The ice seems so wonderful. Ms.Becky and Mr.Marlin look so good in the pic! Allison u must have read my mind lol. Jk. U just k about that thing. Btw u can tell ur fam. Praying for u all to be safe traveling and to encourage ppl. U all have encouraged me!
    In Christ,

  4. Hi Lexi,
    I WAS thinking about you when I wrote that! Be strong, girl, and hold onto Jesus! Thank you for praying for us- that is such a blessing.

  5. Awesome pictures. I'm so glad y'all came through all of that okay. I guess you're glad to be in Florida where you'll have a respite from ice storms for a while. 🙂 Continuing to keep you in prayer. Oh, and I totally agree about it being a big challenge to keep up with blogging on the road. I too have faced this all-to-trying reality. God bless!

  6. Hey Bontragers,
    Allison that's so funny that u were thinking bout me when u wrote that. It's also sweet to know that other people take time to think bout me to. U r like a older sister to me in a none creepy sweet way ��! Ur welcome for the prayers. It's hard but w the power of God I'm getting through it. Does the rest of ur family know? U can tell them.
    In Christ,

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