July 6, 2021

So…who drives the bus????


One of the most often asked questions we get is “So, who drives that big rig out there?”
Meet our six current drivers….
Dad in Nevada…..
Mom in Canada…..
Carson, in Idaho…..
 Mitchell, in Wyoming….
Allison in Nebraska….
 ….and yours truly in Colorado!
(Driver #7 will be Joshua (14). He’ll be driving too as soon as we have time to get him to Iowa City to get his permit)
So now, when in 25 years, you hear that the Bontrager Family Singers is traveling in a fleet of 10 buses with the original 10 kids, their spouses, and about 100+ grandchildren, you won’t be surprised.

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  1. That's a little scary! I've had my permit for a few weeks now and haven't even driven the car yet. I usually think that driving semis would be scary, I don't know about a bus.

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  2. Those would have to be some very cooperating spouses lol! And just an observation- the guys seem to drive leaning back while the gals lean forward. I wonder why?

  3. You have to remember that Carson has been hauling grain wagons and hauling manure since he was about 12 so he is actually a much better driver than the girls and I. 🙂

    Ben, I'm sure the reason I was leaning forward was because I was nervous-that was my first and only time driving the bus. I ended up driving on a whim that afternoon because of a conversation that my husband and I were having and also because it was a VERY quiet stretch of road in a desolate part of Canada.


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