July 6, 2021

Special Girl Times


                                      After church last Sunday, Allison and I decided to treat these dear little girls to some of the joys of “girlhood”. Out came the sparkly pink nail polish, curling irons, and all else desired to make beautiful hairdo’s and nails. 🙂 Then came the agonizing conversations typical among eight-year olds, such as “I just CAN’T decide between the pink and the red nail polish!!”  
When we finally were done, they all lined up and helped us do the dinner dishes. I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures. 🙂 It was too cute to pass up! After that, they decided that we should play “princess” and Allison and I were elected as the “Princess Sarah” and “Queen Susan”. (smile) They waited on us hand and foot, bringing us food and drinks, giving back-rubs and foot-rubs, and brushing our hair. 

Anna, Raine, Elizabeth, and Marie       
In the end, I’m not sure who had the most fun: the girls, or us. 🙂 God made girls to love being girls, and what fun it was to encourage them to enjoy being ladies!


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  1. That is so sweet! What lovely little ladies (ahem), I mean princesses. Aww… you gotta love all that lacy, ruffly, curly girly stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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