July 6, 2021

Special Reunion Concert This Sunday Evening!


The entire Bontrager clan will be with us this Sunday evening, March 4, 6pm, at Calvary Baptist, in New Braunfels, Texas! John and Chelsy, Mitchell and Bryn, and Carson and Carolina will be joining the Bontrager Family Singers for a few songs in this special reunion concert. We would love to see any of our central Texas friends!

For those of you living too far away, you can join us through a livestream tomorrow night! Calvary Baptist livestreams their services, and we’d love to have you follow along via their channel tomorrow night @ 6pm central time. Visit this link to watch!

And then, just for fun, if you’d like to check it out, you can watch last years’ concert @ Calvary Baptist, here! All four of the “in-loves” were in attendance that night as well, but that was before anyone was engaged and we hadn’t announced the relationships online yet. It is pretty fun to think of how much can change in just one year!


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  1. So wish I could hear it! But Texas is a little far from SC 😉 Will you be recording this on YouTube live or something?

    1. Thank you so much! I put it on the other night while my little sister was going to bed and she drowsily started singing along to "Running the Race." 🙂

  2. That's so sweet! There is something really special about playing music with your family. It's been many years since our family played music together. My husband plays the autoharp, I play alto recorder, our daughters all play guitar but my middle daughter prefers tenor recorder and my youngest prefers to play ukelele. When was the last time you all saw each other?

  3. wonderful to watch. So nice to see everyone when you are on tour. we very much enjoyed watching the live stream.

  4. Since I wasn't able to watch the livestream on Sunday, I'm wondering if there is a possible way to watch it afterwards? I would love to watch it and was bummed to miss!

  5. Just got done watching on YouTube and enjoyed it. When did Allison start wearing glasses all the time? Surprised to see that.

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