July 6, 2021

Spring Cleaning at the Hotel

It is springtime, and that means time for a thorough deep cleaning @ the Dutch Country Inn. As usual, this includes scrubbing everything from top to bottom-moving beds, flipping mattresses, washing windows, etc. 
In addition to the spring cleaning, Allison is painting a verse on one wall in each room. 
I (Chelsy) am again doing the window washing. I love the finished product and the extra muscle-building with hefting those big windows in and out. =)


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  1. I've really been enjoying your posts! 🙂 Allison does such a beautiful job with her painting! That is so neat too, to have verses on the walls of the hotel as an opportunity to shine the Light to those who stay there!! May God be with your family today, delight your heart and guide your steps in His path! Thanks so much for posting, Chelsy!

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