July 6, 2021

Spring Company!

We were delighted to have a number of guests in and out of our home in April + May. Here are several “company time” snapshots from a few of the visits!
Our cousin + her little family came to visit! (read all about that on my blog, here)

Liz was ecstatic to spend half a day with one of her best friends, who lives several hours away. Liz’ friends’ father was in the area on business so he dropped his daughter off here for awhile. They had such fun!

This girl was one of Joshua’s fellow contestants in the Bible Bee for several years. Now she is married and has a baby, and their family visited us while they were out here in Iowa for a wedding.

Back when “things” were starting up, one of their sons asked my sister, “So, if this works out…does that make our families in-laws?” =)
Of course it is just the one getting married that gets the in-laws, but we tell Carson we are happy to share his in-laws with him, as they are just the sweetest ever. =)

Mom spending time with her little great-nephew. 
Work continues on the farm, even when we have guests, but you’d be amazed how much good conversation can be had whilest cooking, cleaning, gardening, and yes, even tearing apart a tractor with grease flying. =)
Tractor time and hauling manure with Mitchell + Co!
Two other cousins were traveling through Iowa with their crew on their way west for a work project, and stopped in late to spend the night. We love random and spur-of-the-moment opportunities to practice hospitality like that! Sadly, the time was short, but the sunrise chat was greatly enjoyed by all.
Story time with the little people.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”
Proverbs 27:17


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  1. So fun to see all the pictures! Oh, I recognize the young lady (and her husband and baby) who was a fellow Bible Bee contestant, from seeing her picture on a Christian young ladies' magazine! 🙂 And about the "in-laws" idea, sort of a funny story: my cousin and her husband live in the same state as we do, so one day her brother (so also my cousin 🙂 came through the area and we heard that he had something to go do with the "out-laws"…his brother-in-law's family! 😉 That is so wonderful and special that y'all are so close to Carolina's family! ♥ May God richly bless Carson and Lina as they seek to glorify Him and are anticipating a "new life" *together!*

    Thank you for this fun post!
    ~Martha Joy
    Psalm 16:11

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