July 6, 2021

Spring Ladies Meeting


Our church‘s Spring Ladies Meeting was this past Monday night. 
The special speaker was Sue Thomas, whose true story of working for the FBI as a deaf woman, is the story that inspired the TV/movie series, FB-Eye. 
She was an incredible speaker and her message was such a blessing to all of us there!
{above, our preachers’ wife, Miss Charity, introducing Miss Sue Thomas}
Yummy drinks & food…

we made all the salads…
There was a skit in which we had a special appearance from a {ahem} most distinguished MaryKay consultant. =)
it was pretty funny!
There was also special music (which I was in so there are no pictures!), games, prizes, and of course a delicious supper coordinated by my mother.
pretty sure this little lady was the cutest one present. =)
“O TASTE and see that the LORD IS GOOD…..”
-posted by Chelsy



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  1. Wish we could've made it! Thanks for the invite, dearie!
    Looks like A LOT of fun! Yes, I agree whole heartedly about that lil lady! She is DELICIOUS!

    Yours Truly…

  2. Oh my! You actually got to hear Sue Thomas speak in person. I have a magazine article about her life story and I've seen the show many times.

    I think the aprons are adorable with the treats and verse. The food looks sweet and delicious.

    I like the theme and colors.

    Rebecca K.

  3. That's cool that you guys got Sue Thomas to speak. Our family is in the process of watching Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.:) They are very interesting and good!!

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