July 6, 2021

Spring Planting Season!

There are three seasons in a farmers life, they say. Spring planting, fall harvest, and then that third season that is the leftover time from those first two. =) 
It is spring here on the Bontrager farm, and we are right in the middle of spring planting. We all love this season, and the whole family gets involved in the process in various ways. Dad and Carson do all the planting, and the other family members occasionally ride, or deliver seed, or disk fields prior to planting, or go to pick up parts in those (hopefully rare) situations when there is a breakdown.
Recently, Hudson had an afternoon riding with Dad. We stopped and picked up whoopie pies at the local Amish bakery, for an afternoon snack for them. 
Ready to roll, school work + snack in tow. =)
Our hard-working provider + father, filling up the planter with a new load of seed.
If you need us these days, we will just be here on our farm—planting, milking, mowing, and working the farm, soaking up the beauty + energy of the last spring days and summer beginnings!
“What you see depends on how you see the world.
 To most people, a big, open field is just a bunch of dirt.
 But to a farmer…it is potential.”


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  1. Oh my goodness lol…the farmer I'm marrying has actually planned our WEDDING (and honeymoon) according to that "third season". Man, so so true. Sweet post:)

  2. Good hard work is essential! How does your family divide the chores and planting? I have heard that Taylor might feed the calves and Carson or the others do this. Don't you have personal favorite chores?
    May God bless your crops this year. I am too starting a garden, but the weeds are treacherous!

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