July 6, 2021

Summer Tour 2018//Week 5


As usual, we spent a lot of our time singing. Also as usual, we didn’t get many photos of that! What we did get some pictures of is those “in between” times when we were doing other things. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our week.
Other than the concerts and ministry opportunities we had, our highlight was getting to visit the beautiful Letchworth Park in New York. We highly recommend it if you’re in the area! We spent some short but sweet time hiking, enjoying the beauty, and just being together.
We enjoyed several meals outside, as well as time sitting around talking and playing games together. A dear friend drove from another part of the state to meet up with us and it we had a marvelous time with her!
The falls exceeded our expectations. We took several hours to enjoy the scenic hike winding past this and several other beautiful waterfalls.
Music practice!!! We have been doing ALOT of music practice these days. The younger ones are working on becoming more proficient on their instruments, as well as (several of them) learning new ones. In addition, we have enjoyed arranging some new music.

….and more music practice!
Feasting on abundant wild black raspberries was a delicious treat!

One day Dad found a Starbucks so this crew could have some much-needed wifi. We love our fun + productive coffee shop work sessions! It’s actually a rare occasion when we do this, but much enjoyed.

Our dear parents celebrated their 29th anniversary July 8th. A dear friend got this beautiful cake made for them!

A random jamming session post-concert. 
What we do for fun! This was an animated game in which a certain young man thoroughly beat his TWO sisters! Oh dear…..we may need some more practice!
Thanks to all our dear friends who have hosted, encouraged, and prayed for us! We are so grateful for you. 
If you’re in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia, check our schedule to see if we might be near you! We have three weeks left and will be touring in those states.


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