Here we finally are with the last post from our summer tour! These pictures are from our concert stops in Connecticut, New York, and eastern Ontario. 
What a gorgeous auditorium! The New England churches were so different than ours here in the midwest! We loved this sweet little church in Connecticut.
Liz, Rebecca, and Allison on the spiral staircase leading up to the balcony. 

We had a “God moment” in which we had a near-catastrophe with the trailer.  Praise the Lord for careful drivers who “heard” something and stopped to investigate before things had escalated out of control. If they hadn’t caught the issue it would’ve been a major breakdown and we would’ve most likely missed our evening concert.

And praise the Lord again for the kind men in our audience who assisted with finding the correct parts and getting everything running again!

These three were involved in the annual WeCare ReadAThon. Between that, Bible Bee, and school, they were busy little beavers this summer!

Working out and practicing music in…you guessed it…a Walmart parking lot.
If you see an odd sight like this in your Walmart parking lot, it just might be us.

Look out, folks…we have a new driver!!

Since we were driving right past, we took a few minutes to stop and see Niagara Falls again. Such a beautiful place!

Group practice

The owners of this restaurant treated us to a delicious meal. What a treat to eat yummy food that reminded us of Mexico, and to hear the stories of God’s faithfulness in their lives this past year!
Well, what do you know? Look who’s in concert! =) It is always funny to find our posters up around towns where we are singing.

Rebecca and Denver, knee-deep in math. Hmmm….

Emails, song lists, bookwork…and more high school math!

Catching a late night signal at our most faithful Canadian wifi joint—Timmys! =) 

Dad atop the bus in a Walmart parking lot, fixing the back room air conditioner.

Catching up on office work + study at our favoriteTim Hortons.

Working on some new music.
Josh + Liz ready to dig into a delicious meal that was prepared for us before a concert one evening.
Backstage. Uh, what happens backstage, stays backstage. This is a very abnormally calm and quiet moment that was captured.

When musical friends come out to our concerts…we sometimes have late night jam sessions afterwards!

Border crossing! We have some grand stories from this summer! 
Most were very uneventful. The most unique was the time we were asked by the border guard if we were a rap band. (in sarcasm; apparently we don’t have the rapper look to us. Obviously. =))
We told him we were not. He asked us if we’d ever sung for customs. We said, “No, don’t think so!” So he said “could you?” and we said, “Sure!” and sang them something…whereupon they sent us on our merry way, without even so much as glancing at our passports!
And then the next time they need to take a dog through the bays to check for drugs.  Go figure!
You just never know with customs. =)
Sound check….
Pre-concert faces!

Denver prior to a concert, getting the sound levels set in the auditorium.

The ever-happening sound check.

A big noisy farm breakfast with some of our very favorite Canadians, on one of our favorite Canadian farms.

Loving some time with these old friends at their home one morning!

The infamous “hour chart” in which we count down the hours till HOME!

The concert from Rebecca’s perspective. =)

The last concert of our summer tour was at this venue in Ontario. We had a wonderful evening.

We found this flyer in the back of the auditorium.
Apparently now just us kids are touring. Who knew?! =)

The evening was literally ended with a bang as an anonymous and rather overly enthusiastic family member went flying leaping sailing jumping off the stage and knocked over a large urn/floral arrangement which hit the ground and promptly broke into hundreds of pieces.

Above we have a cleanup crew afterwards, picking up from the damage.

Excited siblings all piled in the front of the bus for the beginning of the voyage home!! Smiles and enthusiastic accapella singing were in order!

And that’s a wrap for our Summer Tour East 2016! So many grand memories + God-moments from those eight weeks. A huge thank-you to the many people + venues who welcomed us with open arms and made us feel so welcome and at home! We love y’all!

“But the WORD of the Lord endureth forever. 
And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.”
1 Peter 1:25
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  1. Very fun, y'all! Hard to believe family camp is over:(, but we're excited to see y'all in just a couple of days! 🙂
    And Taylor is driving the BUS?!? That's awesome!

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