Here it is, friends! Our first installment of the “Summer Tour North”, series. We have been gone from home for one week and that one week has been quite the whirlwind! 
We have covered thousands of miles and at the current moment the GPS shows that we are approximately 35hrs from home. (how’s that for far away?!)
Our first week found us with two stops in Minnesota, on Sunday. (loved our time there with friends + many mosquitoes! actually did NOT love the mosquitoes quite so much as the friends…)
Monday-Friday we had four concerts in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, + Alberta. In between all the driving and singing we were blessed with reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.
 We enjoyed a very special half day with this dear family in Ontario. 

 People all over are so sweet in preparing such delicious meals for our family. Here we are, Monday night, ready to enjoy a yummy supper several hours prior to our concert.

 This church we sang at had an amazing couch in their green room-big enough to fit all of us! Here we are enjoying a few minutes in between sets. I told everyone to just “chill and read a book” so I could get a pictures. As you can tell, some people are just holding books and not reading at all. Like Mitchell. He doesn’t typically enjoy Elsie Dinsmore. That would be Elizabeth. =)

 Cousinhood! Although we are sad that marriage has taken her so far away, it has been such a treat to be able to stop and visit our dear cousin whenever we are in Manitoba! We spent a very short and sweet time with her and her husband, and also got to give a concert in their town.

 Mom’s plea to our hosts? “Please…put my boys to work!” =)
The boys especially can get a little restless in the bus, and they really do love to get out and do physical labor whenever they get a chance.

Beautiful day for a picnic!

 Carson + Josh helping our cousins’ husband put up shelves in their basement.

A selfie during our evening walk after the concert.
 One of our newest drivers. =)
 A concert at this church in Saskatchewan….
Sound check time!

 We sing in all sorts of venues, especially when in Canada. Churches, parks, town halls, community buildings, theaters, etc.

Some sweet friends gave us a Tim Hortons gift card as a welcome to Canada! 
While we are in Canada, Tim Hortons is our main place where we get wifi, so we always have a number of short little stops there. 

We spread out and work as fast as possible, because for whatever reason we always have a deadline  and also a shortage of electronic devices. =)

This time, we were in a hurry as usual and left in a bit of a rush. Four hours down the road, we discovered that we had left behind one computer bag, two computer charger cords, our credit card reader device, several magazines, and a school workbook + score key. This was not good news…except to Elizabeth who thought it was funny because it was HER schoolbook and this meant that she wouldn’t have to do that subject for the next few days. Oh, Liz. =)

We stopped at another Tim Hortons nearby, and were able (thankfully!) to remember the name of the town of the previous Tim Hortons we had been at. We called back and sure enough-they found our random assortment of “left-behinds”.

Bless their hearts-the manager lady said she would ship it all to one of the churches we are going to be at next week.

Only at Tim Hortons! They definitely have our business after that. =)


And that’s Week #1! Special thanks to all of the dear people who blessed our family with meals, encouragement, and in so many other ways this past week!

“By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise 
to God continually, that is, 
the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name.”
Hebrews 13:15

{posted by Chelsy}


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  1. Wow what a week at first when I was reading the part about leaving all the computers,I pads food an such an such I was like then y don't u just go back to it an then I was like oh ok then when the other that said that u guys Went to another Tim hountons an I thought it was kind of funny how Liz though it was funny leaving her own school book behind hey may she said to herself I think I'm going to be taking a brake from this subject for a few days hehe but she wouldn't do that thou knowing her an I just knew that u guys were at Marissa house as soon as I seen the pic of Becky her, an ail washing dishes an then I seen her in the pic below an I was ah it knew it ah what week a lov the pics an can't wait for next weeks tour post 😉 lov Ashley anyways hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys 😉

  2. An one more thing the church that u guys chill out an readed books at in their green room I kind of wondering when seen the posters like fireproof an such we're thoese movies filmed their????????? Plz plz plz plz reply back to this 😉 hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys an enjoy the rest ur guys summer tour witch I will be seeing u along with my friend in July anyways happy summer touring an I will enjoying all of the upcoming tour post 😉 anyways hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys 😉

  3. Thanks for the update, Chelsy! I've got to say, you guys have the skill down of fitting many people into one selfie. 😉 The one with your cousin is so great – love the golden lighting, all of the happy smiles, and Hudson's spiky hair. 😉 How wonderful that the coffee shop was able to ship the items to you…and I can just hear Liz saying that about the schoolbooks – miss that girl. 🙂 So glad you were able to be reunited with your cousin bestie and that week #1 went well! Blessings to the B fam!

  4. It was SO wonderful to have you all at our house! I'm so grateful for the mowed lawn and all the guys' help! I'd say that was a win/win situation! 🙂 We're praying for you all!
    Jon & Rissa

  5. Sounds like your week has been very busy, but filled with great memories. =) Are any in your family doing Bible Bee this year? My siblings are really excited about it starting up again! Really hope we can see some of you all at Nationals this year! Enjoyed seeing you back in March.

    -Bethany P.

  6. It is wonderful to hear that the first week of "summer tour north" went well, despite mosquitoes, deadlines, and misplaced electronic devices:) The picture of Rebecca in the bus is SO cute!!:) And the reading picture…wow…that made me laugh! Is Carson actually "reading" a pillow??? or is that a book that really looks one?:)

    Blessings, and I love the Scripture verse too!

  7. How wonderful! Tim Hortons is the best!! I loved going there when I was in Canada! I am praying for your family and I hope yall have a wonderful and safe time! God bless!

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