Week #2 has come and gone! It was a full week of ministry in Alberta + British Columbia. We covered hundreds of miles of absolutely beautiful country and met some of the sweetest people alive. In spite of a very intense schedule once again, God blessed us with just the right amount of time to rest + relax.
Friday night found us waiting in line for the ferry crossing on our way to the Gospel Fest in LaCrete.
The ferry definitely does a hopping business! Here was the line of vehicles waiting to cross.
The ferry.
The parents, enjoying the ferry ride.
Tuning up, backstage, at the LaCrete Gospel Fest. We sang there twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.
“My sins are all covered by the BLOOD”!
A quick “sibling selfie” before heading out on stage!
On Sunday we had a little Father’s Day party for dad, in the bus. We gave him gifts and a mega-card. 
When you’re in a big family, you have to do everything in a big way, cards included. =) This way we all had enough room to write our messages. 
At the end of the fest all of the groups came out and sang a few closing songs together. It was definitely a highlight to make music together with all of these dear people of God.
Dinner with new little friends.
We LOVED meeting these little twins! 
Squeezing in a Settlers game with the sisters after a full + busy day!
Yummy food! Some generous friends took our family out to eat one day for lunch. 
As always…music practice continues! Everyday, multiple instruments, multiple people…and hours and hours of faithful practice.
The never ending, always abounding, forever multiplying, continually continuing..piles of laundry. =)
Time to scrub! We all have various areas of the bus that we are responsible for cleaning. It is a small space and everything gets dirty very quickly.
Hard at work, studying spanish.
Breakfast and family devotions at a campground one morning, before heading on to our evening concert.
Yes, this is the life of a traveling musician. The bus is so nice until it gets stuck. And then it takes a little more effort than normal to get it out again! We have been through this sooo many times, although normally we get stuck in mud, not gravel. First time for everything!
First we did our concert. And then everyone headed out for the “lets get the bus out” party. =)
So thankful for the crew of guys that worked so hard and got so dirty to get us out!

One of the men went to get his tractor to pull us out. When I saw it coming down the road I couldn’t help but voice my thoughts: “Oh wow, just our luck—it would have be a John Deere that would come pull us out”. The comeback comment was, “Well, of course-that’s the only tractor that could do the job”. =)
We Case fans are a little outnumbered up here in John Deere country. =) In spite of our loyalty to Case…there are some times where you just have to choose to lay aside your differences and take whats available. =)

We were out in no time. 
{many thanks to all of our kind friends for their help!}

One night we were privileged to do a concert at a beautiful ranch in British Columbia. We sang on the back porch of a big log house. About two hundred people, primarily ranchers, attended.

Our view from the back porch as we were singing. Amazing!

Jam time with new friends afterwards! 
Breakfast at the ranch, the next morning. 
Early the next morning (6am!) Denver, Allison, and Carson went out to ride along with a new friend as they checked their cattle.
We rode a lot that day! It was almost like being home-we spent our entire off day outside! Swimming, riding horses, eating our meals outside, and helping our new friends with projects around the ranch. It was such a blessing and an awesome time of refreshment to us to be in the country again! 
We all decided that ranching is almost as awesome as dairying. =)
This always has to happen! 
Haircuts are pretty much never ending around here.
Dinner on the back porch.
Pulled up to a church, ready set up for another concert in British Columbia.

I’ll end the post of week two with another one of the beautiful views out our bus window. 
{and special thanks to all the old and new friends who were such a blessing to us this past week.
 May God richly bless you for your encouragement to our family in so many different ways!}
“For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth,
visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities,or powers: 
all things were created by Him, and for Him.”
Colossians 1:16

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  1. Lov the pics there cute an fun , yet beautiful an good job. U all held ur rains right I check u guys on that 😉 so great job on that! an the horse that ail rode looks like the horse I'm Using for 4-H an her name is Maggie is a aradb cross an u can never that post
    let a John Deere down on it works when u need them the most 😉 hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys 😉

  2. So glad to hear that Summer Tour North||Week#2 went well! The pictures on the ranch in BC are beautiful-the view of that tree-covered hill especially! And that sunset? SO lovely-God's handiwork is absolutely incredible! Oh, and early morning horseback riding is so much fun:)

    {By the way, Elizabeth's hair in a couple of the pictures is so lovely!}

  3. hey, guys! miss you all so much and can't wait till you all get home! love all the pics of your beautiful family.:-)praying for you guys daily!

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