We spent all of week #3 touring throughout Alberta, Canada. We had six concerts and two off days during the week, which made for lots of activity!

As always, there are many different jobs to do around the bus. It is just like having a home to take care of, except for completely different, of course. But it is still somewhat similar.
Above, Carson hooks up the hose to fill the water bay at a church, after a concert.
A pre-concert shot of one of the churches we sang at.

One night two sweet ladies brought our family a whole basket full of homemade donuts, dinner rolls, and other baked things. Such a treat for us!

Time to sing!
Stories in the bunk, while driving down the road one day.
We spent our off days at Jasper Park. We hiked, grilled out, walked, talked, and celebrated Mitchell’s 23rd birthday. A few crazy souls even went swimming in the very cold lake. =)
The fire-starting crew.
He doesn’t workout everyday for nothing. =)
Suppertime selfie!
The view from our picnic table.
Beautiful wildlife.
Ready to hike!
The view part-way up.
Taylor + Mom at the top!
Mom + Elizabeth have started making water kefir on this tour. 
Some of us have gotten slightly addicted. At least it is a good addiction-super healthy!
Singing outdoors at a church picnic on Canada Day!
I am so proud of these little people and their diligence with their studies on the road.
The summer Bible Bee just started recently and they are so focused and motivated! 
Here, they are studying behind our product table while the rest of us were singing.

Meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones is always a special treat when our busy schedule allows. We enjoyed a day in the country catching up on laundry, exercise, and other activities. The younger ones also got to make some music together with their friends!

Another sweet gift from sweet strangers. These were the most delicious berries and were gone in no time! Due to our berries back home producing late this year, we had to leave on tour before they were done producing, so we missed quite a bit of our berry crop. That made these berries extra special to us!


Once again we cannot say thank-you enough to all of the kind people of God who served our family in so many different ways this week! May the Lord bless y’all!

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name.” 
Psalm 103:1   

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  1. Wow. That is beautiful. We have some family moving to Canada as missionaries this week. Maybe y'all will cross paths! Thank you for posting.

  2. Fun fun we had yesterday too up at my aunt Paula's house up at hareson island an a few of dearing souls when the very cold lake to but I didn't she has a hot tub so u can guess where I was hehe 😉 but we didn't do fireworks thou an olny 18 more days until I see u guys an just so excited every time I think of it lov pic of Carson looking so cute picking the table an that the perfect caption to put for that pic lov the post an that sweet sweet adorable pic of Taylor an becca in her bunk #socute;) hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys 😉

  3. ???? I have a feeling that ur guys cd isn't goana be out by July 23rd is ur guys cd out yet because if it isn't out then I can't buy it off of the store an what if u guys don't come next year an I don't want wait that long for it so plz plz PLZ PLZ answer this hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys 😉

  4. Misshygirl-
    Others have posted videos of our family on youtube and we are hoping to post some ourselves on our channel in the upcoming future!
    DaughterofGod-our new cd just came out and we will have it on the 23rd!
    The concert is free + open to the public; no need for tickets or rsvp! Just show up! =)

  5. Thanks for the update, Chelsy. The picture of Taylor reading to Rebecca is probably my favorite of the post – what a great big brother. 🙂 Miss you guys + praying that your tour is going fabulously!

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