Time for the Summer Tour North Week #4 update!! This past week found us in Alberta and Manitoba. We covered many miles + met more people than I can count. It was a blessed and busy time of people, music, people, and music…and a little R+R thrown in there just to keep us sane!
Above picture….a few of the siblings at sound check time on evening. They were disagreeing on whether the picture was supposed to be a serious or silly or normal one. =)

When people ask what life is like on the bus, we tell them “Its like normal life, but everything is totally different”. =)
As in, we do normal activities, like eating, music practice, cleaning, school, work, etc, but in a different way than we would at home.
For example, at home we would go to the office to print documents.
In the bus? See the above photo. You set up an office in your bunk because that is the only open space available. =)

Liz, cleaning the bathroom.
A sweet family invited our family over for brunch one morning. They rolled out the red carpet for our family!
Meeting new friends!
Sometimes we do even more school on tour than we do when we are at home! Allison and I tutor Denver and Taylor in their math and english, checking their work and helping them with questions. 

One night late after our concert my parents went out with some friends to Tim Hortons. That left us older ones up and about at the bus. Since mom wasn’t there to make everyone use our own plates…we all just ate out of one bowl because it was easier. =)

Music practice happens everywhere and anywhere!
A highlight for us is whenever friends let us use their kitchens. People think they are putting us to work, but honestly it is such a TREAT! Above, Allison + Carson work together to make bumble berry pie @ some friends’ home in Alberta.

Trampolines are so fun. Especially when you add lots of water + dish soap. =)

We got introduced to a new Canadian/Mennonite food, Roll Kuchen. We had had it once before, several years ago, but this time we got to be there for the whole making/frying process, and a few of us even got to help roll them out.
These things, fried and then dipped in syrup…are the BOMB. We ate so many and they were just delicious!!

It is always fun meeting fellow musicians as we tour. Occasionally we can get in a little time here and there to jam together!
 Being able to connect with our cousins as we travel is one of the very best things about tour life! 
 One morning we stopped at a park for some good old fashioned physical exercise. 
This time, it was in form of a family softball game.
Our little score keeper. =)
 The parents! Still going strong + playing ball with the best of them on their 26th Anniversary!
 Team A=the winners
Team B=the, um, other side. =)

 The people up here in Canada can cook AMAZING food. Every night we are served the most delicious meals at the churches + events we sing at.

 We were blessed one morning with the opportunity to pick berries at a local strawberry farm, in the town we had sung in the night before. We missed most of our berry crop at home because they had just started producing when we left on tour, so being able to get these berries was great!

Daily music practice, happening once again!
 Dinner outdoors with friends in Manitoba.

So many people opened up their homes this past week and were so hospitable to our family. We really cannot say thank-you enough!

“The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. His work is honorable and glorious: and His righteousness endureth for ever. He hath made His wonderful works to be remembered: the Lord is gracious and full of compassion.”
Psalm 11:2-4
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  1. I just love these posts and getting to see a peek into your lives!! 🙂 and seriously, I didn't think it was possible for you girls to get any more gorgeous, but these photos prove it! 🙂 #stunning! come home so I can see your beautiful faces and hang out in person!!

    miss you all so much

  2. A handful of random comments -> a) Alli's ensemble in the first picture is so classy – may have to try pairing black layers with a white/grey dress I have. 🙂 b) The soaped-up-trampoline looks like a blast. Some young friends & I did that recently with a sprinkler underneath and it was very memorable, for sure.:) c) Go Rebecca with the scoring! Not an easy task. 🙂 d) The "um, other side" caption made me smile. I'm guessing certain *cough* Denver *cough* people weren't exactly thrilled? 😉 Many blessings as you continue your tour!

  3. Never take all of that family time for granted…you never know what it means til a few minutes later you're whole family has fallen apart and all of that is gone…it almost makes me want to cry when I see how close your family is because it reminds me of the few times I felt that closeness with my siblings…hoping to be at your concert in Reed City on the 22nd 🙂

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