Week #5 found us in Manitoba and Ontario.  It was a a week full of blessings, intense ministry, and many memories.  
Before each concert, we haul in + set up all the speakers + mics…………….
……and get out, tune, + line up all 12 stringed instruments.
a church sign before our concert in Steinbach
One evening our parents went out for a dinner date, so us kids took the opportunity to do something fun and out of the norm.  And what might that be?  An epic all-sibling rubber band war!!!  It was fantastic, completely with our tough set of rules:
-no using of sweatshirts or blankets for extra protection (curtain and pillow protection allowed….unless someone steals your pillow or pulls open your curtain:)
-you MUST yell “oww!” when you get hit with a rubber band.  Now, lest you wonder at such a strange rule, let me explain.  There are some tough ones among us that wouldn’t so much as squeak unless they are mortally wounded, and it just isn’t very fun to go to all the work of that perfect aim and not even have the satisfaction of knowing if you hit your target.  end story.:)
Our favorite, fabulous, utterly fantastic laundry queen continues to do a pristine job.  We love her!  And no, she is not for rent or sale.:)  
We got to visit  Windy Bay Hutterite Colony again, and had a wonderful time.  All our friends there were so sweet to make us feel right at home and let us help them with whatever work they were doing.  Several of the boys helped with a construction project.
At the colony, they usually take a break in the afternoon for coffee/snack.  We loved this idea, and may try implementing it at home some days!
Liz swimming with friends
After the day’s tasks on the colony was finished, there was a grand game of baseball.  
We are blessed with our amazing mechanic (Carson) and our dear mechanic friends along the way who keep our bus in tip-top shape.

Most of the time we sing for people…but sometimes we do a trade: “We will sing for you, if YOU sing for us!” =)
Here, we got to hear the girls’ choir sing, at another colony that we visited.
a gift of just-picked raspberries and freshly-made bread
Carson, acting as greeter at the front door of a concert venue.
Sibling time is the best, even if it’s five minutes in a little side room before the concert.  On this particular evening, some of us were hanging out in the above room that also happened to contain some very inviting big bouncy balls.  Well, a certain brother (I don’t want to incriminate him, but he is tall + blond, and has a goatee:) was reaching up to play with the balls a bit.  We were all intent upon watching him as another sibling walked in.  All of a sudden, the certain brother hoarsely whisper-yelled “shut the DOOR!!!”  He had realized-too late-that the newly-arrived sibling had left the door ajar, giving the whole audience a view of his bouncy-ball antics.  Yes, life is never dull around here!
Denver is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his clothing, and of late he has mastered the technique of immaculate shirt-ironing, often extending his abilities to his brothers’ shirts, as well- much to their delight!
the view of the river at our concert at the Kenora Harborfront
The boys love any chance to drive a tractor, especially when they have been on the road and away from our farm for five weeks!
Liz learning how to assemble Black Forest Layer Cake
Mother is never happier than when in a garden!  
big pieces of Black Forest Cake for big boys
sibling selfie
Some friends took us boating on a beautiful lake one afternoon….it was a huge treat!
Some people took a dip!  Rebecca wasn’t sure if she wanted to jump in, so I just threw her into Carson’s arms for a little wade with him.:)
There is nothing like sticking your feet in cold water on a hot day!
Denver did a little fishing on the lake.
haircut time

Carson loves any opportunity to work with equipment! Here he is, working on a friend’s tractor.
raspberry picking
What a joy to be in a barn once again!  We all just love the sights and smells of a dairy farm.
Thank you to all our dear friends along the way who blessed us with your generosity and hospitality!  We are unworthy of your kindness and friendship.
“I have set the Lord always before me: because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.  Therefore my heart is glad, and my gory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.” Ps. 16:8-9

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  1. All-time favourite picture is definitely the rubber-band war photo. You guys are so fun! 🙂
    Did you sing in that big white band shell in Kenora? That city is so beautiful!
    Coffee break is a Canadian tradition in which coffee and something sweet is consumed, and most guys faithfully observe it at 10am and 3pm. 🙂
    Blessings as you travel on to NY!

  2. Awesome. That garden is absolutely amazing. Do you know if that is a "wide row" planted garden. There is a book called "The Joy of Gardening" that shows how to do that and they look very similar.

  3. I really enjoyed your travel pictures! One of our family's bucket list is to take our 6 children up to Canada.
    Blessing from our family to yours.

  4. So glad I got to hear y'all tonight!!! Although we didn't get to meet afterwards (due to too many people) I'm so glad I got to go! Definitely will try to be in Holland…it'll be kind of pushing it but..who knows?! (btw excuse my bro in laws orneriness during the concert 😉 that is if you saw all of it…)

  5. We have all been waiting for this post. It was simply thrilling to be with you and visit with you and Windy bay. It was one of our greatest highlights. You are such godly examples and we are so thankful to know you !!nancy

  6. Fun post I can't wait for week 6 listening to I'm so glad that Jesus loves me I'm sad I miss u guys so very much I wish I had time to go not he bus again but next time for sure thou it was a real ture blessing getting to see u guys again hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys😋😎😉☺️

  7. I'm hooked on urs guys new cd I can't wait until I get to not the bates but I will watch them but ur dvd hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys😉😋😎☺️

  8. Aww…it is too bad that the lovely Miss Laundry Lady is not available to assist in tackling the laundry pile here today! It is definitely calling her name. 🙂 I will have to see about a bribe, possibly utilizing the fresh raspberry cobbler that just came out of the oven… 🙂 Great to see pics and hear all the news! Home is right around the corner for y'all now!
    Hugs from the Adams,

  9. Loewens in Love…
    Yes, it was the Harbor Front, that same big band shell right along the water. it was beautiful!
    We really do love some of these canadian traditions. Esp anything involving coffee + sweetness. =)
    I'm not sure if it was? I have heard of that book + method though!
    Natalie: It is beautiful here and there are some lovely vacation spots along the lakes!
    Hmm…not for sure I saw your brother-in-law. =) If you come to Holland definitely come and introduce yourself!
    It was so good to see you again! Glad you like the cd!
    Aww, you are so sweet! I would love to do laundry with you! And goodness—fresh raspberry cobbler?!?! Too bad I can't just hop on a place and COME RIGHT NOW. =)

  10. Nancy:
    You figured out how to comment!! =) It was such a treat to spend time with you + your sweet family at the colony!! We love you guys!!

  11. U guys are amazing in singing but also in making it look fun and fulfilling to minister together as a family. I know there can be many difficult times but God sees everything and is proud of his Bontrager family☺Keep it up!!God bless!!!

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